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"higurashi no naku koro ni"
I'll tell you this in advance. Can there be a responsible response in /a/? i know it would not happen in /b/.

Also, that what i am saying is not sensitivity, but knowledge. no, i guess not that... perhaps just opinion.

When I first started watching the show i was just in it for the adrenaline, blood, torture, and bizarre thoughts. I was laughing my ass of when bang bang maxwell played in my head while kei-kun was bashing the girls in the head with his bat borrowed from a man who didnt exist anymore. I was laughing to tears when I heard the laugh of the girls. When their eyes began to shrink.... I couldn't get enough of this torment.

Strangely, though, something else happened while i was watching this show. something in me changed the interest of the show from one theme to the other. I was then in it for the plot. I was staying up until dawn, as i am now, watching this show in amazement.

Like it or not, it is just opinion. This plot had something that i have not seen in over 6 years; a completely original plot. A curse. Murders on only one day, one person disappearing every time. Every part of this show was so different it drew me in. An alternate universe of some sort when kei beat the girls in...

It was driving me nuts. i needed an Epic epilogue.

But! once more my motives for watching this show changed towards the last few. It was all about Philosophy for me. I have written countless pages on philosophy, and might make a book. (boring i know, but i digress back.) I found a lot of philosophy by the time it was done and i wrote down a full 10 pages in my notes. small print, back to back. so really, 20.

Did you find anything in this series? or did you find nothing only boredome, or did you like it? I am curious.