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So I caught up on Kanokon today and I now understand what makes Makoto so awesome as a harem lead.

He has sex.

Kouta, Keitaro, Yamato, Tomoya, Keiichi, Shinichirō and just about every other harem lead out there all have a lot of girls craving their cocks, but they're all too busy doing nothing and complaining about the number of tits they get to grope on a daily basis to man up, pick a girl and jam it in.

But not Makoto.

No, when sex comes to Makoto, he answers the call. Sure, he drove one or two chicks crazy and he probably should have carried a box of condoms around just to be safe, but all he ever did was give the schoolgirls what they wanted. They're the ones who came to him, they're the ones who asked for sex, they knew he had a girlfriend, they knew what they were getting into and Makoto did not rest until they got what they were begging for.

No hesitation, no regrets, no teenage emo pseudodrama.