Gurren Lagann Project Clips #2 - #4

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Basically, next week's is supposed to be a prequel with the Spiral King and the anti-spirals. Supposed to be way in the past and is supposed to run for around five minutes. It will included Spiral King, the Anti-Spiral from the series, and supposedly Simon (don't know why).

#3 is going to be set in America (Yeah, really), and it's a kid watching Gurren Lagann on his television. Think Digimon Tamers and how they watched the show, ect. The kid tries to be like Kamina and has the glasses, ect. It's his exploits through his school and such, I guess.

#4 is a casino episode. Kamina, Yoko, Simon, Kittan, Viral, and Nia are at a random casino. They are playing the roulette and all that; Kamina gets down big, the police take him in, and it's up to the others to save him.


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