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Gentlemen, I have here a problem that I will share with you.

For some reason, I found this in my downloads folder. Now, that in and of itself isn't very suprising, since my download folder is a black morass, and you need to tread lightly to survive in there.

Anyway, I must have had a reason to download it. But I'm wondering why - after having watched say... 3-4 minutes, the only thing I got was a pantyshot of, granted, the main character (who also happens to be a loli - could be a clue).

I've no fucking clue what it's about, since I quickly got bored of it, but I was hoping for some hentai, that's for sure. I thought it was, at first - I figured the school setting would be something akin to Bible Black's thin excuse for a plot, but was proven wrong. Imagine my disappointment when a long-haired new girl in the main character's class winks at said character, and we skip ahead to the break, only to find out that no, no cunnilingus were taking place behind the gym.

Have I become this jaded to expect elementary grade school children to perform sexual acts on each other in every show? Probably. But since this particular episode didn't contain anything like that (although there were hints towards menstruation), I'm still wondering... what the fuck is this shit, and is it worth watching?