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This is the story of a boy named Andrew Wiggin. He is the Third child of 3, with a Psychotic genius brother named Peter and a much gentler sister named Valentine, who loves him enough to die for him. Ender, as he calls himself, lives in a world trying to protect itself from the onslaught of the Buggers, a race that has attacked the world twice already. But while still a child, he is taken away and thrown in space, forced to be a pawn in just another scenario. He fights time and time again, forced to kill for his own survival. But he continues fighting, even though he hates it. He finally quits, running away, only to find himself going back to the system by his own will to protect the world he loves. And now, he finds himself tested again to try and prevent the Third Impa- I mean, Invasion, only to discover he was never preventing it, he was instead turned into the heart cause of the Third Invasion.

A gripping and enthralling sci-fi, filled with psychological drama, emotion, action, philosophy, and deeper meaning. A must read.