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"薔薇の棺", "A Rose's Coffin" by Chiri Kitsu

花束を抱えて 日曜ごとに会いに行こう
これでもう 私だけのものに

When you die,
I'll visit you every Sunday, a bouquet in hand
Even if it's just for me

真黒な着物と 真直ぐな黒髪
ただ お墓にしゃがみこんで
ゴメンネ‥だとか 嘘泣き
好きよ‥と 一言 囁き微笑(わら)う

With only a straight pitch-black kimono and straight pitch-black hair
I will sit in front of your grave
and apologize, crying fake tears
Whispering only "I love you" and smiling

不確かでいるには 愛が深すぎたの

An uncertain punishment, falling from the heavens
That is what this profound and uncertain love must have been