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Hey, /a/, writanfag who's had an idea gestating for about two years. Would draw this out as a webcomic or sell it as doujin, but I can't draw.

A harem animu with a twist. Takes place in NYC, and the harem lead ALREADY has a girlfriend, who is the female lead. Series starts with the two of them going on a summer date throughout the city before the girl goes. They're enjoying at first, though you can tell it's making things awkward. Then everything goes awry after the girl buys the boxed set release to her latest favorite animu; the guy's ex and potential love interests start bumping into them at inopportune times during the date; it becomes obvious that the boxed set is hexed, and their relationship is seriously tested throughout their misadventures in the city. Even after the first, three episode arc is resolved, where the girl manages to not have to move and even go to the same college as the guy, the other girls are still important to the story as it's discovered they all either go to the college themselves or have friends and relatives there. Plus, alot of mysticism and METAPHYSICS to be had as baddies actually spring up to cause havoc for the guy, his harem, or random people. The girl is practically an emotionally/psychologically real Haruhi+Shana and the guy (in personality and powers) is like Nanaya Shiki+The Flash. The other girls obviously have their abilities too (one isn't even really human)! And yeah, this takes place in a world that obviously already has superheroes and supervillains flying around doing shit (there will be random reports of it on the news).

Influences for mood and presentation are Ichigo 100%, Haruhi, Abenobashi, that Korean movie My Sassy Girl, and Nanoha, Heroes, plus Tsukihime for fightan.

Pic related as the girl will be played by teh Rie. The guy will be played by Takehito Koyasu with his more youthful voice.