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Right. Anon is going to tell you a story, so sit back and relax - it won't hurt a bit.

Several years ago (1998), this anon stumbled upon a manga called Hikaru no Go. While the story itself wasn't very amazing, nor the style pleasing to the eye, the contents would forever change my life.

Rather - after having read it for a while, I got curious and started playing Go. Of course, I sucked at it - I still do, since I stopped playing 3 years ago (for some obscure reason). However, only yesterday did I look at the anime. The quality is bad - both animation and resolution-wise, and the translations, if you can call them that, are horrible (although amusing).

Regardless, this is not my blog etc etc. The anime is shit so far, but that's more to do with me being distracted by the subtitles, I think.