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So yesterday I met at least one of each of these. here is what I've come to see,
1.First and most importantly 1s do not like to talk, and wow I have never felt so uncomfortable in a line before. Also of the three I met they are all bitchy. so 3/10
2.I met two of these and though partially rage inducing they were mostly kind and interesting to talk to. They both had an air of comfidence as well, very odd. 7/10
3.Well I can say that I met 2 of these, and they were absoloutly beautiful, that being said emo really did apply, the conversations were OH SO pessamistic and somber. Not that i didn't still have a nice conversation but still they WERE SO DAMN MURKY AND EEEEMMMMOOOOO.
so 5/10
4.there wasn't much of an interest in anime compared to the rest but one of the more pleasant. The 4 i met were rather peppy and happy with 75% of them being a pleasure to speak with. so 7/10
5. I met only one, the conversation was a nice one, rather plain and normal, a little bright too...then the "story notebook" came out. Now I'll say the one story that was original was meh, but the other ones dear god i was so close to killing all in my path! 4/10
6.I don't really know what to say, she seemed fun an was kind of drawing me in but I saw through all of the positives and saw hell it self. Run for god's sake! 2/10