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I will never, ever, do an AVI version. If you have a problem with Matroska or H.264 or Vorbis, you are a fucking idiot and I shall not be complicit in assisting you make the world stupider.
The resolution isn't smaller than it should be, despite what you may think. You're not getting less, I'm just not upscaling the video to compensate for having to crop the FUCKING BLACK BORDERS like most groups do.
There's a few frames that seem improperly detelecined, but they aren't. Japan is just fucking stupid and decided it'd be a fucking GREAT idea to cut together telecine video instead of using the original progressive video, and thus the places where this occurs have a frame with a top field with no matching bottom field follewed by a frame with a bottom field with no matching top field (or vice versa), and thus these get combined.
A similar problem occurs with a few frames in the OP/ED, but only with the hardsubbed Japanese lyrics. This occurs, again, due to fucking with telecined video. Specifically, they overlayed the text onto it without a care for the telecine pattern, and thus occasionally the a field's matching field has text over it while it doesn't (or vice versa), and thus the text has half of its lines missing.
Episode 11's next episode preview isn't subbed because the TV version doesn't have the whole thing (they cut it down a bunch to say LOL BUY OUR SHIT), and I fucking suck at Japanese.
Everything's softsubbed. Hardsubs are fucking stupid.
There's no KAWAII DESU NE ^________^ karaoke. If you want to sing along to it, learn Japanese. If you don't know Japanese, then don't try to sing Japanese songs, you fucking weeaboo faggot. You just make yourself look like a massive idiot and disgust any intelligent person who sees or hears you doing it. (Not that anyone actually uses karaoke for anything but eyecandy anyway.)
Fagula is fags.
Miki is obviously the best shugo chara, and if you think anything else YOU ARE WRONG.