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Freelance writers are reporting that PiQ magazine editor Kevin Gifford notified them that the magazine's current July issue is the last one. Freelancers will still be compensated for any work they had done for the unpublished August issue. According to the reports, PiQ's editorial staffers have already vacated their office. PIQ has not made a formal, public announcement about its status yet, and PIQ staffers were unavailable for comment.

PIQ began publishing in March after A.D. Vision ceased publication of its Newtype USA magazine. PIQ inherited much of Newtype USA's editorial staff, stable of freelance writers, and list of subscribers. However, PiQ differentiated itself by expanding its focus beyond Newtype USA's anime/manga coverage to popular culture in general. It also offered Newtype USA subscribers two issues for every remaining issue of Newtype USA still owed on their subscriptions. The July issue is PIQ's fourth issue.

Thank you to Lesley Smith for the news tip.