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Anonymous, lets take a few seconds out of our lives to discuss Kaiba
first impressions: What the fuck/OP is really good
second impressions: What the fuck/Background music is really good
third impressions: holy fucking shit, this story is in depth, touching, sad, fascinating and in some occasions depressing. The animation while unique due to the style is very good. The further I explore the possibilities set in Kaiba the more I encounter situations that resemble daily life. The specific way this story is set allows for many different plot developments. The whole main theme is a fresh idea that has not been thoroughly explored unlike shonen concepts and moe. While characters do have moe-moe traits, they are balanced out by the befitting environment. This show offers both humor and moments of seriousness. There are scenes that feature adult themes and there are scenes that are plain out childish.

I am amazed at this particular series and I believe it deserves more credit then it is currently receiving on 4chan