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Visual novels are the greatest of mediums for expressing stories; not only do they combine graphics, sound and music, but they allow interaction and interface that can't be done with anime. Different narrative styles, like the first person narrative, can be conveyed in a visual or light novel but not in anime or manga, but third person narrative can still be used as well. Visual novels can also use certain elements of the game taken for granted to set the ambient tone of the story, and they can be completed at one's own pace, something anime can't accomplish.

Anime is technically the next best alternative, since it offers movement/animation visual novels can only approach, voices and colour; however, anime can also be subjected to poor art such as in-between animation frames, compared with the other three mediums which have uniformly good art relative to the artist's talent.

Manga and light novels offer tradeoffs; light novels are more adult orieinted in nature and can feature more mature themes, and with the emphasis on text the stories conveyed through light novels are more detailled and fleshed out, but the art if present is spread far and between and light visual novels only the linguistically proficient could read them purely in Japanese, translation projects would take a long time to finish them. Manga's strength is in its art portrayal, but page limitations and readership response force the manga to follow general storytelling styles, restricting the creative expression of the authors.