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I honestly don’t care what the fags and perverts on /a/ gleaned from it. This was friggen’ adorable.
Granted, obviously created for educational purposes, but as you can see they tried to make it cute at the same time, and they succeeded.
And you have to admit: some of you could totally relate to the situations experienced by the younger characters. Who doesn’t remember being a little kid and not knowing much about “doing it”, and having friends who claimed to know all about it (and willing to explain it to you) but in reality were as fucking clueless as you? Or the first time you realized everyone on the planet was the result of their parents “doing it”, including you?
It’ll sound creepy explaining it to anybody else, but this anime was absolutely adorable. You have to see it to understand why it’s not creepy.
Tsubomi might also be a serious candidate for saiMoe ’08. You all know she could totally win.
tl;dr, ITT Tsubomi and friends.