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Hello /a/,

I have a naive question about translated manga and scanlations. If you have nothing better to do, please enlighten me.

What I'd like to know is a good download site where I can find translated manga and/or fanscans. I've read a bunch of manga since I was a child, but most of them are raws.

Now one of my friends wants me to translate some minor manga/doujins that won't get licensed or translated by scanlators. The problem is I'm pretty green when it comes to English comic books, so I need to learn and assimilate myself to English manga culture such as wording and SFX (and besides, it will help me improve my English. The friend would be happy if he can get the gist of stories, but better translation always makes editor's work easier).

All I have are some volumes of very popular manga such as One Piece and Samurai X (he got me these), and several doujins that I found on /a/.

Having lurked on /a/ for some time, I thought Mangaupdates was the best site to search scans. Actually my friend also recommended the site to me, but it shows way too many options when I search popular, classic manga which I think are good start material to grasp the English manga style. Probably reading QUALITY scans would be worse than doing nothing.

Could you direct me to a nice place where high quality material is listed? Or am I doomed to buy the official manga?

Thank you.