Spoiler for the Inuyasha manga's final chapter

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Inuyasha v56 ch558 “Tomorrow” (Ashita)
犬夜叉 第558話 「明日」
Sango has had her third child. We see the children sleeping with her and Miroku.

Three days after they defeated Naraku, and three days after the well disappeared; Inuyasha returned in a pillar of light.

yes, it says pillar. I know it sounds cheesy.

All he said was:

“Kagome’s safe.”

Sango: “I guess she’s back in… that world that Inuyasha talks about, right?”
Miroku: “Inuyasha doesn’t talk about it much… but he did say that there are other people who love and need Kagome-sama.”
Sango: ” Inuyasha… I hope he’s not lonely”

The scene is of Inuyasha gazing at the night sky with a lonely expression.
because gazing is the done thing. Just watch Troy.

The Present

It’s Kagome’s graduation.

Three days after the well in the future disappeared,
Me and Inuyasha came through in a pillar of light.

But then Inuyasha faded away.

Since then, the well hasn’t let me through once.


Inuyasha returned to his world the moment he realised Kagome was safe.
But it seems that he’s been checking the well every three days.

Kagome, in front of the Well

Kagome is thinking. oooh…
And, she wishes to see Inuyasha.
We see the well set against the sky….