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Rozen Maiden, an anime about dolls. That's not descriptive enough, so I'll list some information about the characters for you guys.

Souseiseki (aka Boku) - An ugly dyke doll, horrible character design, treated her sister like shit so she could live with her master and suck his wrinkled penis.

Kanaria - A yellow doll with disgusting grey hair and an ugly dress, and she's an idiot to top it all off.

Hinaichigo - Now you have a 1-inch tall doll that acts like she's 2 years old, her hairstyle is foul, like her personality.

Suiseiseki (aka Desu) - Now you have an annoying ass doll that says desu after every sentence, and her dress makes her look like a goddamn tree. Her eye colors are fucked up. Hey did you put in the wrong contacts or what, retard?

Suigintou - Now you have a Goth doll that looks like an exact copy of Robin from that shitty serious Witch Hunter Robin, both of which are repulsive.

Ugh, I can't even finish this list; I'm about to barf. But there's one last thing I have to say before I do that.

Stinku is the only decent doll in Rozen Maiden.