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FLCL is a show that is very easy to look at as a bunch of nonsense, clearly, with how random and silly it is. But it definitely does have a very deep and resonating aspect to it - it's a lot more than just silliness. If it were just random nonsense, I don't think it would have ever become as popular as it has.

It's most definitely a show about growing up, and also just about being a kid, and the conflict between the two that the main character has to face, all revolving around falling in love. There are a lot of symbolic things, a lot of sexual overtones included, but that's part of life. Even when you just look at the relationships in the show, you can see that it's not just a bunch of people running around, bashing eachother's heads in. A girl who is dealing with the divorce of her parents and trying to maintain her role as class president, another girl whose boyfriend and only friend has moved to the other side of the world, so she redirect her feelings to his younger brother, Naota's feelings towards his dad, especially towards the end, when he supposedly murders him, and especially his feelings towards Haruko, this woman who completely changes the dull life he's been complaining about, leading him to fall in love with her, almost against his will - there's a lot more going on there than just "WEEEH ROBOTS AND GUITARS!," definitely. If that's all it was, wouldn't Naota's narration just consist of "Eeeewe, she has cooties!" or something? Instead, right off the bat in the first episode, he's talking about how Haruko reminds him of his brother, and there are a few connections there, too. And considering he falls in love with her, that definitely gives you something to think about, in relation to with his relationship with Mamimi, as well.