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Let's talk art-style, /a/. First, I'll address the common very flawed prejudices a lot of you seem to hold:

-Detail is inherently something good.

No it is not. If detail annihilates more important elements of design such as composition, balance or symmetry it is not worthy.

-Something different is good/bad.

A lot of times, people tend to ignore the actual aesthetically qualities of a work so long it fulfills the idea of being "unique". They call it "creative", "refreshing" while ignoring the actual effectiveness of such a composition. It's the same for people that cry about "ugliness" whenever something dares to you beyond their own standards of what determines beauty.

-Something not completely out-there is worthless and generic.

Not true, quality it's about the effectiveness, emotion and technical skill behind the work. Big eyes or the like are not inherently good or bad, it's about how the artist uses them.