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ITT: Every Code Geass thread ever made on /a/. And, how to save hours of your life not reading them.


Post 2: Sage for Code gayass

Post 3: Clovisfags whining about how cool Clovis was, that he isn't really dead, or that he is coming back.

Post 4: Unoriginal, badly-drawn fanart

Post 5: Troll insults Suzaku or Lelouch

Post 7-75: Fanboys arguing about Suzaku/Lelouch gayness

Post 76: Some 4 page rant about how LOL DEEP i is with Arthurian lore, religious symbolism, or socio-political commentary.

Post 77: Worthless speculation/prediction

Post 78: Negative response about worthless speculation

Post 79-149: 2-3 random arguments about fan theories, complaints about bad wiring

Post 150: Falsely authoritative post claiming "the writers stated..."

Thread slowly is derailed and dies.