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That's it, I'm going normalfag. I'm finally coming to terms with being sick of anime and manga.
Well, I can't imagine ever giving up the mainstay series I've been following for the past 4-5 years since I got into anime, I simply give up on trying anything new. I feel I've tried a lot, and I've heard of a lot, and no matter how amazing and genius and awesome a show is supposed to be I just end up being bored with anything new.
The only new series I'm going to watch is Kaiba, but that's it. I'm going to continue watching/reading hellsing, berserk, and vinland saga, but that's it. There simply is nothing else out there I can get into anymore. There are a lot of popular and classic series I don't give a fuck about and never will. There are a lot of obscure series that I find boring. I'm really sick of trying anymore. I give up.