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Okay, /a/,

What. The. Fuck.

Last week /a/ convinced me to read JoJo, so I did. Part 1 was pretty badass and got me hooked, Part 2 started to get pretty epic and kept me in..

And now I'm to Part 3, and I'm only "just the tip" into the series as a whole.

In like 3 Chapters this manga has went from Win to Fail. I'm seriously fucking depressed.

First off, we got a half-jap JoJo? WTF? Having pure Aryan main characters in a manga was actually kinda nice for a change!

Second, WTF is all this "Stand" crap? Where the fuck is my badass Ripple powers? Now everyone has a fucking invisible minion to fight for them? This reeks of shonen monster-trainer crap. And the names for all of those damn things... FUCKING LAME.

I mean, FUCK. I know Dio's back, but even that doesn't make up for the rest of this faggotry. I don't even want to see what kind of faggoty PokeStand he's possibly been infected with.

I mean, shit, did the real author die or something? Cuz this shit is ridiculous.