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Hello /a/. There was a topic a while ago about this and I just recall it so I'm pitching in my two cents.

Nozomu Itoshiki = Clark Aspired (Clark because it is a surname of cleric or scholar and Nozomu is based off of Osamu Daiza. Osamu means discipline or study. Aspired is anagram for despair)

Kafuka Fuura = Fran Kafka (matches her pen name well.)

Chiri Kitsu = Idelle Foresight (Idelle derived from "ideal" and foresight to add to her psychic abilities)

Abiru Kobushi = Betony Bruise (Betony derived from "beaten" and Bruise for obvious reasons.

Kiri Komori = (Not sure about this one. I give up)

Matoi Tsunetsuki = Flo Stalker (Flo as in "follow" and the other is quite obvious)

Nami Hitō = Norma Doe (obvious)

Harumi Fujiyoshi = Fanny Gay (Fanny to match her obsession and gay for obvious reasons)

Tarō Maria Sekiutsu = Sal Self (Sal because she bought her name from a guy and it sounds like "sell")

Meru Otonashi = Malie Quiet

Kaere Kimura = Katie Expel (Foreigner. Expel matches that fact)