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So there is some series I am vaguely remembering now and I don't know why. If you can help me figure out what it is... hooray. I can tell you I saw it years ago, probably on TV but maybe not.

All I can remember is that there was a male character who liked to draw women, although he tried to keep it secret. This was hardly the focal point of his persona, but it's all I seem to remember about him.

Then some girl he knows finds his sketch book and is impressed that the women he draws are dressed in "cool clothes" or something like that. She makes a point about her brother drawing women but only doing it so he could fap to it. She leaves notes in the kids drawing book about how he could improve the pictures and uh... that's all I remember.

I don't even recall as to if this was a good series, but yeah. Help me figure out what it was, /a/. The information I gave probably isn't enough, so whatever.