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So, I was reading random shit on wiki and stumbled on the Death Note entry.

In it, I saw several things about the afterstory fo Death Note, notably how Ryuk went back and told everyone his story about Light Yagami and brought back apples with him, which quickly became a rare commodity among the shinigami.

It also told of a Shinigami who managed to bribe the Shinigami Lord into giving him another notebook with 15 apples, and took it with him back to Earth to try and replicate Ryuk's success with Light, and create a new Kira.

This new Kira was dismissed as "boring" by Near and ended up killing himself.

The shinigami took back the notebook and told his story to Ryuk, who basically told him that he choose a poor person for the notebook, and that he should have choosen someone better.

Any other Death Note side stories?