nudity and sex in anime good or bad?

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i been really confused about this and such
in alot of japanese animation and such there is nudity and all that and sometimes sex scenes like a film would.
problem is some of these animes are aimed at kids that have nudity i know its for comedic stuffs but what does america think of that or the rest of the world and why they won't embrace it?
do guys and girls like seeing the characters naked or not? because i am confused about this honeslty.
i also see Nudity in american cartoons including sex like Family guy and the simpsons and such and yet they don't get blamed and all that, heck in Spongebob the movie they showed Patrik's butt and that was a comedy thing and yet when an japanese cartoon shows a butt whether guy or girl it gets bashed and blamed for that?
which is odd because what makes Japanese animation has different standards then american cartoons that can have nudity scenes while the other gets blamed and bashed because for kids?