13th Hour Period

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>>Lelouch: Suzaku, this is the fundamental law of confectionery-making: measure out your ingredients precisely, according to the dictated amount.

>>Suzaku: Understood. ......Alrighty, 50 grams, right on the dot.

>>Lelouch: Hey! You call that an exact measurement?

>>Suzaku: Huh? But... have a look yourself......

>>Lelouch: The acceptable margin of error begins after the third decimal place.

>>Suzaku: That's just insane. More like, what kind of kitchen scale measures to that many decimals places?

>>Lelouch: It bothers me greatly when the measurements aren't precisely as they should be, so I have here Nina's favourite electronic scale. I borrowed it from her.

>>Suzaku: ......I sure hope that's seen a thorough washing.

Nina rapes scales in addition to tables. not really surprised..