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Net Neutrality - Anime - The Future.

I would recommend developing an archive storage and preservation system while you still have some time left.

With the restructuring of the internet within the next 4 years (possibly earlier (Canada)) we will effectively see the end of p2p file sharing in all its forms.

For you youngins' you probably don't remember a time predating irc F-Servs where you would actually have to network with people in real life and trade anime in person or via snail mail, back in that day people would hardsub onto VHS (and it was horrible). We won't see the hardsub shit again but anime sharing will consist (for those of us in the West) of trading anime downloaded pre 2012 in person, and onward what dubs of popular series make it onto television.

Right now I'm storing everything on DVDs and reburning on a 4 year cycle. One BluRay speeds up and prices drop I will move onto that and maintain the same sort of cycle.

My collection consists of around 2TB of Anime & Manga.