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So I finally got around to reading the last little bit of Rozen Maiden. I've been avoiding spoiilers for the most part, but I'd been expecting a 'BAAAWWW' ending.

What I did not expect was the -- can I get some black spoiler text in here? Thanks. I did not expect the 'Oh, too bad. No ending for you. What do YOU think's going to happen now that Jun has entered the n field for himself?' Sorry, we're done writing Rozen Maiden and that's it. Yeah, we know we've set up several plot points, but it's over, so too bad.

Like I said, I'd been expecting the 'BAAAW' ending, so the ending I did get didn't do a lot to upset me. What I really wanna know is what happened to the Peach Pit girls to make them stop writing Rozen Maiden?

Anyone know the skinny what went down?