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You know what? I think I hate you. I think I hate you all.

I used to call myself otaku, bad connotations and all. I used to love this fandom, social awkwardness, "who's Annie May?" and all. It was about being a bit nerdy over some fairly cool stuff. Fandom was about sharing experiences and ideas, and making friends.

Then anime got popular.

But that was fine.

Then, YOU fuckers came along. Not satisfied to be dorks like the rest of us, you had to pretend to be all cool. Not truely cool; truely cool is letting in ride, not getting hot under the collar, keeping it real under pressure. But you fags, you're the opposite of cool.

To you fuckers, everything is just a big free for all. It's all about the biggest pissing contest you can get yourself into. You retards think that by having the biggest voice you have the best opinion. In truth, nobody cares.

All you've become is an eyesore, a cancer of the fandom that once thrived in mutual respect an honesty. You shits can hardly give half a crap about anything. In the absence of any real interests, all you do is troll and pester.

And you can't even shut the fuck up for once. It's nothing but fag this and noob that day in and day out. That's all you spew, and that's all you are. I stopped. I went outside. I smelled the flowers. And I came back in. But you social rejects don't even know where the door is.

So there you go. Now you know why I hate you. You're far worse than the socially underdeveloped shit monkeys for whom the anime world is more real than this one. They have something to grasp on to. But you... all you have is your tiny little epeen and nobody who really cares about anything you have to say.

So GTFO of my fandom. We were better off without you.

No love,
the oldschool anime fan