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- Only newfags address other people as anon; "anon delivers again!"

- Only newfags post in naruto, bleach or #341341 generic shounen threads

- Only newfags spout random memes thinking they're part of the legion

- Only newfags troll TTGL, NGE, Monster, JoJo, Berserk and Aria etc.

- Only newfags force memes such as the recent Hawk or Makoto shops so they could later on brag to their friends that they contributed on /a/

- Only newfags get butthurt over comments posted in /a/

- Only newfags haven't watched enough series to formulate an educated opinion of anime

- Only newfags like anime OP/ED better than the OST

- Only newfags play the roulette/harem shit

- Only newfags can't keep their DVD buying/loli moral shit to themselves instead of forcing it on others

- Only newfags troll series that tries to be original and creative, or series that are too "pretentious" for them

- If you didn't enjoy creative and experimental anime such as Mind Game, but regard Death Note/TTGL as the best anime ever, you're a newfag

- Only newfags will get butthurt by this post

You know it to be true.