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Since anime con season has started allow me to remind some of you kids about what con security can and can't do.

They can't put their hands on you or touch you in any way shape or form. the most they can do is yell at you. They are not security, they don't have a security license with the state they work in, heck all they really do is check badges but you can just run right past them.
Everything is done through security based on the fact of verbal intimidation and assumption on the attendees part.

in terms of control they are at a civilian status. No, they are less than that. They have to work for a convention so they can't misbehave like con goers can.

If by any chance they do anything. touch you, shove you, hit you, take something without asking, feel free to press charges.

Don't act like an ass, but if you do make sure to know your stuff.

Angry /a/,/v/ & /b/tard who finaly learned the rules