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From my philosophical view, this illustration by manga artist Barasui of Ichigo Mashimaro is entirely fictional, it is not real and did not contain any real children, ergo no one was harmed, with a (for now) US Supreme court precedent standing in the way of its unlawfulness.

I'd say from the perspective that I hold with my natural attraction to very cute but very borderline pedo (lol or just pedo in a few cases) is not wrong in that aspect, since the danger of me causing harm to anyone is extremely low, not unlike that of any other normal person's. I stay in the basement pretty much most of the day except for school. I feel as though a court will agree that as long as I am just sticking to lolicon, this is fine, however their moral views of it.

But, irregardless, general society looks down upon it greatly. And I also understand the fact I am mentally ill. When you really think about it, how does it make you feel?

Do you ever take a serious look at your attraction to lolicon anime girls as something wrong?

Also Ichigo Mashimaro is more cute than pedo, Anime News Network agreed, don't bother them about it.