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Gentlemen, I like Moe.
Gentlemen, I like Moe.
Gentlemen, I love Moe.

I like large eyes.
I like small noses.
I like bright hair.
I like tiny mouths.

In anime, in manga, in light novels, in visual novels, in eroge, in 4chan, in art books, in video games, in magazines, in doujins.

I like watching.
I like listening.
I like playing.
I like caring.

I love every aspect of moe that exists in this universe.

I like the look on the faces of the girls as I pick them the perfect dress.

I love the glimmer in a characters eyes as they see the protagonist approach them.

Seeing a girls heart shattered as they are not chosen by by the protagonist is unenduralby exciting.

When they break down in tears as they spill out their life story, while clinging onto me, my heart dances.

I like it when there are five girls in a show all doting over the main character.

I like the multiple endings of an exciting visual novel and seeing what happens in each route you can take.

I like the comedy and the submissiveness perfectly embodied in these wonderful creations.

I love it when a tsundere opens up for that brief moment and you can see the fragility of their heart.

Gentlemen, what I desire, is moe that is like Nagisa, like Kagami, like Nanoha, like Mikuru.

And you, gentlemen, my companions in this subculture. Gentlemen, what do you desire?

Do you desire moe as well? Do you desire moe without bounds or restrictions? Do you desire moe that stretches the limits of cool and spicy, that in one fell swoop overthrows the cuteness of the universe?

Very well then. WE SHALL HAVE MOE!