The gun, the girl, and the cyborg.

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Why is it everytime i watch an anime, i get depressed about how while they are out there having fun, i'm here stuck with all these arabs and jews around me (Israel).

ok, so i rarely watch anime, I was a big fan once, still am, but i rarely watch stuff, i watched everything related to GITS once it came out (still a huge fan). few years ago the last shows i watched were the 3 seasons of FMP and Onegai Twins (after scrapped princess and going ever further back - the entire Love Hina collection and the age old NGE)

so few years back (2003) there was this anime released "Gunslinger Girl" i watched the first 2-3-4 eps, and it was fine.. the action was so so, the plot, well not much.. and somehow because of how torrents were back at 2004 and the sub clubs, i didnt get past episode 5/6.. so time went by, and i redownloaded some of my anime because the CDs (yeah, CDs) got damaged. redownloaded Gunslinger girl, took one week of vacation from the army, and started watching the entire enime from the first to the last (13) eps.. in 1 day marathon....
suddenly when I finished, I got captivated by it. the scenery and the setting in Italy as opposed to JAPAN in most of the other animes.. ,the general meaning and the not so detailed story (unlike, lets say - GITS), left me amazed and depressed, as i saw I'm powerless, as always to art (in it's many forms).. I'm continuing my painting, as one day making animation would bring me as close to happiness as i think I'm capable of reaching.

ITT- do we like modern Italy as a setting for a modern thriller/action/drama, instead of traditional japan with all it's meaning?
what got me in Italy was the scenery and the enviroment, together with it being a historical art center.