Feminist Cyberpunk

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The Bubblegum Crisis is little more than Blade Runner revisited. Once again the question of humanity is at stake: at what point is one no longer a living being, at what point does one become simply a mechanical tool. A spinoff of this series, A.D. Police, deals explicitly with cybernetic replacement and replicant humanity. A woman removes most of her organs to escape gender, a policeman is mechanically rebuilt leaving only his organic tongue. The result is insanity and violent psychosis. These beings are not Gibson's street samurai (though they retains the paranoia). Instead they are unstable Frankenstein monsters, with no handle on reality. They have fully escaped the flesh (as Case would have it in Neuromancer) only to find that it was the flesh itself which held the psyche together. This series argues that it is the body which dictates one's degree of humanity. Bubblegum is less reactionary, but only when the character in question is at least an approximation of the human form.

Granted, Bubblegum Crisis is a warning against industrialization and corporate power (as is Blade Runner, but without the additional Japanese characteristics of power armor and skimpy costuming). Unfortunately the main thesis is nothing new. It remains a fun series that steals almost explicitly from Ridley Scott's cinematic recreation of Dick's novel.