Why some people enjoy loli

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Fun facts: If you like loli you suffer from inferiority complexes. There's no reason to like an obnoxious, uncivilized snotty smelly kid that just learned how to go to the bathroom unless you feel you're on equal terms with said type of human beings.

Men are naturally born with sexual instincts that desire a firm and well curved body. A child's body leaves very much to desire sexually, and mother nature never intended a children's face to be sexually attractive. Thus humans as kids have over proportionally large eyes, and a huge head compared to the body to invoke the feeling in adults of wanting to protect and caress it.

As the child grows the eyes and heads looks proportional to the rest of the body and slowly the adults desire to protect it slowly fades away.

I believe that you lolicon lovers confuse the feeling of wanting to protect and caress somebody with sex. You're just like Michael Jackson, sexually confused virgins that throughout years of humiliation and rejection by equally aged women have settled for (animated) kids.

Some of you will proceed to child pornography and maybe sexual assaults on children. I do hope though that you pathetic, lowly creeps will rotten away all alone in your deathbeds.