One Piece 503 Spoilers

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Shalria realizes Luffy is after Camie, so she brings a gun to shoot Camie.
As she's about to pull the trigger, she suddenly collapse unconscious, foaming at the mouth.

Raleigh: Auction is over. I stole the cash now, I'm gonna get back to gambling.
Giant: Bad old man aren't you? You were here to steal the money?
Raleigh: I was planning to take it from whoever buys me. But come to think of it... I wouldn't buy an old man like me, would you? Wahahaha!

The guards and Luffy all look at Raleigh. Raleigh looks at injured Hachi.
Raleigh: You've gone through hell haven't you Hachi.... (looks at Luffy) You guys saved him? I see...
Raleigh uses his intimidation on the entire place. All the guards fall unconscious. The air trembles, and Zoro and Sanji are surprised. Even Luffy feels it.
Raleigh: That strawhat.... fits well on a intrepid man like yoruself! I've been wanting to see you, Monkey D Luffy.