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Gentlemen, I like betrayal.
Gentlemen, I like betrayal.
Gentlemen, I love betrayal.

I like backstabbing.
I like treason.
I like deception.
I like two-facedness.

Of friends.
Of family.
Of lovers.
Of lords.
Of vassals.
Of comrades.

I love every type of betrayal that exists in this universe.

I like the look on the faces of my superiors as they realize their orders have been defied.
I love the gasp of breath as the ones who think they are closest to me see they have never known me at all.
When I shattered a hundred years of my own reputation and trust in an instant, my heart leapt.

Gentlemen, what I desire, is a betrayal that is like Brutus's, like Cassius's, like Judas's, like Lucifer's.

And you, gentlemen, my companions in this conspiracy. Gentlemen, what do you desire?

Do you desire betrayal as well? Do you desire betrayal without thought or purpose? Do you desire a betrayal that stretches the limits of comprehension and planning, that in one fell swoop overthrows the order of the universe?