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My breathing is hard as I undo my pants and feel then fall to the ground. I have a raging hard on, my shaft standing at full salute and nearly bursting out of my boxers. She undoes the last remaining barrier of undergraments and stands before me, in all her 4 foot tall, naked glory.

“I’m ready ~Desu.” She says softly, her embarrased eyes looking off to the side. I nod and walk toward her, and pull down my boxers to expose my weapon. She gasps upon the sight of it, and while my penis is just around average in length, I’m sure to a 4 foot doll it would seem massive. I take her up in arms and sit her down on my shaft and enter. It feels weird, not hard wood, not wet but soft and spongy. She’s already gasped and moaned out even before I begin to bounce her up and down.