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I was in my room, reading a book Yuki had lent me. Suddenly, the door flew open, and my little sister stormed in.

"Kyon-kun, you liar!" she yelled. Dammit, why can't you call me Onii-chan like a normal little sister?

"What is it?"

"A long time ago you told me that you make babies by kissing the person you love. THAT's WRONG! In school we learned that you have to take your ________ and stick it in her ________."

Oh shit, they're teaching this to middle-schoolers now?

Suddenly, my little sister tackled me. I winced as her leg smacked my funny bone. WTF.

"Kyon-kun, I've wanted a baby for a long time! Now we're going to make one! Even if we don't get a baby today, it's fine!"