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Hi guys. Random /a/ lurker here.

I haven't actually watched anime in a long time, and even then, I've only watched a couple. I'm rather jaded about watching anime but I'd like to get back into it.

Cutting to the chase: I'm looking for a new series to get into, whether it be one that's still putting out episodes or one that's already finished. I'm not really picky at all, basically I'm just looking for one that's semi-active and has a good fansubbing group working on subbing the episodes (or I'll buy the DVDs if it's an old anime).

The only things I think I can say is, please no mech-anime. I dunno, I'm kinda put off by it. :/

Any information, even a title of your favorite anime, would be good. I'll do the research if necessary. Thanks in advance.

TL;DR: What's a good active anime series for someone who hasn't really ever watched anime?

*picture obviously unrelated.. it's the only even relatively anime one I had on my computer.*