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ITT: How you think Code Geass will end, despite your personal feelings on how it SHOULD end.

Near the end of the series, Lelouch will completely abandon any moral code he might have. He will turn to more desperate, outright terrorist tactics to defeat Britannia. Rolo will be used mercilessly as a pawn (political assassinations) and then Lelouch will personally kill him. Lelouch will murder Schneiser after he no longer serves a purpose and he has been used to stage a coup in the Britannian home nation.

CC will be revealed as the person that killed Lelouch's mother. Orange will die for real this time. Xing Ke dies in battle. Kallen will be killed (on accident, sort of) by Suzaku while protecting Zero. A captive Nina will be ruthlessly executed.

The final part of the episode will be the final confrontation between Suzaku and Lelouch. Suzaku will come to realize that he has been used by Britannia and he will kill the Emperor. VV will probably die in the finale as well.

More or less it will be a very sad ending that is slapped together and everyone will die. I think most people will compare it to The End of Evangelion due to the psycho-mental breakdown scenes that will occur and the fact that 90% of the main cast will die. Suzaku and Lelouch will probably both survive. Britannia will be utterly destroyed and I'm sure we'll see some lovely scenes of American landmarks burning to the ground and nuclear explosions.

Out b4 "main characters don't die in Sunrise anime"