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“Shinji plays videogames. Shinji reads. Shinji goes down to headquarters and does his stupid tests and gets all giggly when they tell him he’s done a good job.”
“Well, what about Misato?”

Asuka takes a deep breath and generates a sigh. “Misato’s a drunk,” she says. “She’s as bad as Shinji. I know all about her. They say they’re strong because they can live alone, but that’s stupid.”

“Why’s that?” she says.

“Because that’s how they’ve lived, stupid. That’s all they know how to do: take care of themselves.”

“Who do you take care of?”

Asuka flinches. She holds her hand in front of her face, holding her eyes shut, breathing quietly. “One, two, three, four, five,” she says to herself, as each little soft finger pops up to count. “Six, seven-”

“What are you doing?”