Tenarahi no Yume てならひのゆめ

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Urgh. I have unwittingly downloaded a (rather well done) yaoi shota 1 shot manga. Didn't bat an eye, making me realize the damage this site has done to my mind. Gay porn aside, it is rather cute. It is a about a boy who meets a crossdressing young male perfomer. I will now make a reference to a site witha deeper understanding on these terms.

The onnagata of the Kabuki theatre exemplifies the creation of alternative gender roles and the disruption of dominant patterns of sex/gender matching in theatrical gender roles. Adolescent boy prostitute performers, wakashu, created the onnagata role during the early stages of Kabuki (1603–1652), when women were gradually erased from the public stage. The onnagata’s layers of gender stylization, from the smallest gestures to the elaborate wigs and uchikake (overkimono), are deeply entwined with their historical development. Onnagata gender performance is ambiguous, transformative, and disrupts the sociocultural prescriptions for gender roles of the Edo period.