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Kino no Tabi ~the Beautiful World~ II
By Keiichi Sigsawa

Chapter 6:
"She" is Waiting For You

I Was Back.
The faded gray tower that could be seen through the treetops of the forest was the same sight I'd been seeing for fifteen years of my life since I was born
The wind blew back some branches, allowing me to see the very top of the tower. Now, there's no turning back.
The tower I saw for the first time in five years matched the image in my memory perfectly. For a while I continued staring at it, as if lost in a dream.
And then, I crossed the river and began walking. Right in the direction of the tower.
Just a bit further. By the time the sun begins to set, I should arrive.

I don't have a father. He was dead even before I was born, My mother made jam for a living. Her jam was very high quality. So, because of that, we never had trouble with money.
Throughout my childhood, our country was very peaceful, but I thought it was unbearably dull. To preserve our way of life, we did the same things everyday. To do the same things every day was the only life my mother knew.
By the time I was 11, 12 years old, I began wanting to become an adventurer. I wanted to get out of this country, go see places and do new things. This ambition grew stronger until, on the day I turned fifteen, I finally decided to leave my country.