Asuka x Shinji

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Shinji remained glum and unresponsive, not even as Asuka shoved him roughly against the wall.

"Why do you get like this?!" She yelled in his face, enraged as he refused to even make eye contact. She pushed hard on his shoulders, pinning him to the wall. "The world is going to end! We are NOT going to make it! So how can you spend the last few months of your life moping?"

Still no response. She growled incoherently and ripped open the front of her blouse.

"Doesn't this have any effect on you? Are you a MAN? You're fourteen fucking years-old, don't you want to at least lose your virginity before the angels kill us all?"

At least he cast a furtive glance at her chest then, but he showed no sign of interest.

"Not really..."

"Arrgghh!" She yelled incoherently and pushed her body against his, pressing her small but firm breasts against him. "Shinji, you're an IDIOT! AND you're a liar!" She snarled, grabbing the front of his pants to prove she knew he was at least moderately stiff.

And still Shinji could only hang his head and sigh. He just wanted to die -- before all of these horrible things had happened. Before he'd come to Tokyo-3, before he'd had to kill Touji, before he'd had to kill Kaworu--

His train of thought was interrupted by Asuka's continued shouts.

"Touch me! Just touch me of your own free will, I DARE YOU!"

"What's the point?"