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ITT people who don't supress their power levels.

For the past few times, whenever me and my friends go to the mall, one had been starting to ironically point out 'oh look! anime! you love anime, don't you!' whenever we passed the manga section of the book store or the anime section of the DVD store, etc., but in a ridiculously loud voice, so it would become apparent to anyone in the immediate vicinity that I apparently LOVED ANIME.

This usually just illicited strange stares and was meant to cause shame and regret and to associate my name with anime since he would shout my name as well, no genuine horror, but today was completely different.

We're in the DVD aisle of HMV looking at 'normal' DVDs, when my friend comes up with some random anime DVD from another aisle 'look! it's anime! you love anime!', to which I get annoyed and randomly place it on the shelf. 'That isn't where anime goes!'

"That's right! It's like completely different!"

Some random faggot we'd never seen before had heard anime and was now almost feverishly ready to discuss anime with us. He was basically a retarded looking kid with glasses who you could tell simply by his voice was socially inept, and he tried to start a discussion with my friend who had been shouting 'anime' over and over, who ran very quickly to the other side of the store, and me and my other friend ran to the other side as well before he might talk to us as well.