Profound anime that turned shallow due to popularity

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To me Cowboy Bebop is the most profound, beautiful and deep anime ever made. Yes, more philosophical in nature than masterpieces like NGE, Mushishi and even Haibane Renmei.

Spike's death symbolized so much more than what the fanboys think was sadness. Spike's death symbolized freedom attained through death. There is no coincidence that May Yamane screams out "WANNA BE FREE" as we see Spiegel lying dead on the ground. Spike is Albert Camus' Stranger, the man who first attained true happiness when got sentenced to death. Through death he was released from pain and suffering, just as Spike Spiegel.

But because of the infinite amount of reruns on American TV, Cowboy Bebop has somewhat lost its profoundness. These days people look at it as merely a western anime set in the future.

Cowboy Bebop is the only anime out there that successfully has managed to show Hemingway's Iceberg Theory on screen, and successfully. Even Bill Murray's latest movies (Lost in Translation, Broken Flowers) couldn't match CB's way of conveying feelings and messages through silence.

Cowboy Bebop will always be the magnum opus of anime, but due to continuous reruns on TV and elitist fanboys that will only praise obscurity it will only be remembered as the huge philosophical entry in the modern art that is by a few people. Such a shame.