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Stage 10: The Moment when Shenhu Shines
The Black Knights reveal their revised intentions toward the Chinese Federation. The Knightmare Frame Shenhu -- which has claimed the lives of many a test pilot -- appears on the field of battle.

Stage 11: The Power of Thoughts
Imperial and Federation forces intervene in the conflict between Li Xingke's faction and Black Knights. Faced with the elite forces of 2 superpowers and isolated from all reinforcements, is there a plan that might ensure the Black Knights' survival?

Stage 12: Love Attack!
Milly, who has repeated a year, finally graduates from Ashford Academy the day Lelouch returns from the Chinese Federation. To commemorate, she sets up the special lover pair-up event "Cupid Day"

Stage 13: The Assassin from the Past
Jerimiah Gottwald (who?) returns, and he has Ashford Academy in his sights.